Change in GRASS usage??

David Mandel dmandel at
Tue Mar 19 07:00:00 EST 1996

Friends of GRASS,
    Speaking of the Future of GRASS, I have a couple questions.

    Does anyone know if general interest has been increasing
or decreasing and by how much?  This is hard or impossible to
measure, but one can get some idea by things like:

    (1)  Number of grassu subscribers.
         Currently it is about 500.  
         What was it 6 months ago, one year ago, ...?

    (2)  How much has activity (number of messages) changed?

    (3)  What about other measures?

I coordinate a local Linux Users Group in Portland, Oregon USA
and have found such measures to be very useful in guiding
our future course.  Has anyone tracked GRASS usage?
I think this information would be very useful.

                                               David Mandel

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