Z-Mail Bug Report

Pu Bu Ci Ren pubu at gfi.uib.no
Sun Mar 17 07:00:00 EST 1996

    Email Address:
    Phone Number:

Z-Mail Version: ["zmail -version", "zmlite -version", or "version"
                 command within zmail]
Operating System:
Interface used: [tty, fullscreen, Motif, Open Look, Lite]
Additional information needed for Lite users.
    Terminal type: [DEC, Wyse, AT&T, ...]
    Emulation: [vt100, wyse75, ...]
    Communications software: [Procomm, Crosstalk, ...]

Automatic Acknowledgement: Yes  [Change to No to suppress acknowledgement]

Bug Type:  (choose one of the following)
    1.  Lost Data, Software Crash
    2.  Feature Malfunction (no workaround)
    3.  Feature Malfunction (workaround exists)
    4.  Documentation Error
    5.  Feature Request
    6.  Usage/Operation Question

1-Line Summary:

Full Description:

Reproduce By:

Dbx trace (if applicable): [may be many lines]

----- Delete the following lines before sending bug report -----

If you have a level 1 bug (the software crashed with a core dump),
please use adb or dbx and provide a stack trace of what the problem
is.  The bug may have occured from Motif or other system libraries
so it is important to know where the problem originated.  Help us by
providing as much information as you can such as how to reproduce the
problem, etc.  If you use dbx or suspect a problem with X or Motif,
please use the -sync command line option when running Z-Mail to assure
that the server is synchronized with Z-Mail.  Otherwise, debugging
results may be inconclusive.

Please DO NOT send core files.  In general, a core file is not useful
except on the machine where it was generated.

A general debugging convenience is to use the "debug" command at the
command line (from any user interface).  Debugging output can be used
to examine what the program is doing at all times.  The environment
variable DBFILE can be set to the filename where debugging out is sent.

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