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Tue Mar 5 05:42:28 EST 1996

Dear GRASS users and programmers,

        a lot of thanks to all, who bought the GRASS CD for Linux and
        gave me support for my "GRASS for Linux on CD" project. There
        are only a few CD's available.

        I'm planning a new release for Linux based on the new
        Linux ELF format, but I won't release the CD before 
        fall or winter 96, because I have to finish my PhD, I'm
        moving from south Germany to northeast and I'll start
        a job at a GIS-related office.

        In connection with the CD there will be available a book
        on GIS, esp. using GRASS, because there is no good and
        practical book on GIS available, from my knowledge.

        The new GRASS release will be much more stable ab bug free
        than the current CD. 

        All users of the current CD wil get the new one for a special price.

        I was very surprised, when I read about the GRASS development
        shutdown, because I thought, there will be a new GRASS release, 
        called GRASS 5.0 in Winter 95! This means, there will be no
        maintained free GIS availabe on the market!

        I think, now is the time to create a public project to
        maintain and to enhance the GRASS code in the future.

        I propose to create a "Free Gis Foundation" similar to the 
        Linux project to:

                - manage the code
                - debug  the code
                - enhance GRASS
                - create a modern user-interface
                - coordinate the development
                - manage a ftp-server
                - manage a GRASS www server
                .. and Your ideas

        And some questions to CERL:

                - what will be the state of GRASS-code after
                  the shutdown of development
                        - will the code be free in the future
                        - who will get the rights to distribute

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