Add item text boxes in XGRASS4.1 not editable

Dr Richard Baranowski r.baranowski at
Mon Mar 11 07:00:00 EST 1996

At 13:56 09/03/96 +0100, PU BU wrote:
>I am extremely new in GRASS, I downloaded Grass 4.1 binary version for SGI,
>but when I RUN XGRASS4.1, the AID item is not edittable, that means
>I can not type in location, database ......,
>Does anybody know hoe to solve this problem.
>Geophysical Institute
>University OF Bergen
Hello Pu,

There is a file called databases found in the $GISBASE/etc sub-directory.
This gives the path of the
default database. I have edited this file to give the path where I installed
the sample database
downloaded from moon. Your own locations and mapsets can then be created
within this database when 
you enter GRASS4.1 (not XGRASS4.1). Thereafter, you should be able to select
these locations and mapsets
from future XGRASS4.1 sessions.

Hope this helps,


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