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Philip Verhagen philip at
Fri Oct 4 05:29:02 EDT 1996

> I am going to be receiving some data from an Arc/Info system.  I know that
> GRASS can handle Arc/Info "Generate" format, but I'm told by the person
> I'm getting the data from that the "Generate" format would require one
> file per layer and attributes would come across in a separate file per
> layer and this would require more time than he can spend generating my
> data. Is there a better format method of bringing the data in?  He has
> suggested using a DXF file because it would be a one file solution.  Any
> ideas?


the person telling you this is definitely wrong about things. Assuming you're
wanting a polygon coverage ungenerated, the procedure in Arc/Info is as follows:

	UNGENERATE line <cover> <ungenerate-file>
	UNGENERATE point <cover> <ungenerate-file>

this will ungenerate the lines and polygon labels in separate files. After
that, enter TABLES, select the *.pat file and UNLOAD the Info database to
a plain text file (take care of the items to be exported and the delimiter).
This will take two minutes maximum, and will give you a perfectly useful
input for Grass.

Good luck,

Philip Verhagen


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