Not be able to access grass map

Malcolm Williamson malcolm at
Wed Oct 16 18:18:07 EDT 1996

Hi, Seugchan
It sounds like your current region is set incorrectly, so that your map 
data is not in its "field of vision". Try:
	g.region rast=name_of_one_of_your_layers
	d.rast same_raster_layer_name

The other possibility is that you have a mask turned on. Do a 
	g.remove MASK
and see if it actually removes anything. This is something that very 
experienced GRASS users still get caught on now and then! (I know this 
first hand...)

Good luck,
	-Malcolm Williamson

On Wed, 16 Oct 1996, Seungchan Kim wrote:

> Hi, grass users!
> I'm a novice in grass world, and got in trouble.
>    The trouble is that I could not access any map in the mapset.
>    I can see map files (just see), but whenever I was trying to
>    access those map files, I got zero values.  Of course, I could
>    access those maps before, but from this afternoon I could not
>    do anything with the map files. 
> Please help me.  I must do something until Thursday.
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