p.icons to ps.icons

Malcolm Williamson malcolm at cast.uark.edu
Mon Oct 28 11:11:12 EST 1996

On Fri, 25 Oct 1996, Alejandro Hinojosa Corona wrote:

> Hello grass hoppers;
> Q.1. Is there a tool to convert the icons from p.icon style to
> ps.icon, or even better, has someone translated the nice icons
> located at moon from p.icons format to postscript?

Can't help you on the first one...

> Q.2 Is there a way to print output of  d.3d views to postscript? ps.map won't do 
> the job or will it?

It is possible to create a raster file holding the output of d.3d by 
using the CELL graphics driver, which writes to a raster file rather than 
a graphics window. However, you are limited to 256 colors, which means 
the 3d image won't look very good unless it is greyscale. The resulting 
raster layer can be plotted conventionally using ps.map or p.map. If you 
would like some more detailed info on using the CELL driver, e-mail me. 
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> > Thanks in advance 
> > Alejandro Hinojosa > Research Associate > Earth Sciences Division
> Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. 

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