Rod Paterson rgp at
Tue Oct 29 16:23:40 EST 1996

> Hi' GRASS User's:
> Is begining to work with grass4.1 and like that me orientation as link
> grass with ingres(database relational like oracle)
> What will must do for that it funcion?
> Excuse me english isn't very good
> Thank
>  	Zorka
> e-mail:zzegarra at

           I have uploaded a copy of the ingres v6 database interface
     for grass to /pub/grass/incoming/ingres.tar.gz.
     This was provided to me by Katarina Johnsson. More details are
     provided in a README in the zipped tarfile.
     I did not use the interface and so I cannot comment on its
     quality but it seems to do quite a few things that you will
     find useful.
     To download the zipped tarfile you should look in the
     directory /pub/grass/outgoing in a day or so when the
     the file has been moved from incoming.
     Hope this is what you are looking for.
     Good Luck

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