Notice: OGC Seeks Input for Geospatial Catalog Services

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Thu Oct 31 07:00:00 EST 1996

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The Open GIS Consortium, Inc. (OGC), an open membership consortium,
solicits information from industry to guide the OGC Technical Committee in
writing the OpenGIS Catalog Services Interfaces part of the OpenGIS
Specification, a software specification for interfaces and common services
that enable interoperable geoprocessing.

Software compliant with OpenGIS Catalog Services Interface Specifications
will soon be critical to users and providers of network resident geospatial
data and geoprocessing software. The volume of geospatial data is growing
exponentially and geodata is becoming available on a growing number of
network sites. Within a year, software with OpenGIS Specification compliant
interfaces will provide transparent remote access to heterogeneous geodata
and geoprocessing resources. Digital catalogs, traders, agents, etc.
enabled by interfaces and services compliant with the pending OpenGIS
Catalog Services Interfaces Specification will enable users to search for
geodata and geoprocessing resources at thousands of such sites (much as Web
browsers and search engines enable users to search thousands of html
files), but the completeness of the OpenGIS Catalog Services Interfaces
Specification depends on complete representation of the concerns of users
and providers.

Whether or not you are a member of OGC, if you work with digital catalog
architectures, geospatial catalogs, and related technologies, please review
and respond to "OGC Request Number 3, OpenGIS Services Working Group, A
Request for Information: OpenGIS Catalog Service Interfaces" on The OGC Technical Committee OpenGIS Services
Working Group will consider all responses in their work to create
consensus-derived specifications for common services that will ensure
optimum interoperability in publishing and discovering geodata and
geoprocessing resources on networks. The Working Group will accept white
papers, research papers, product literature, viewgraphs or other documents
describing relevant technologies.

This OGC Request for Information (RFI) was first announced August 30, 1996
along with a separate RFI for Earth imaging and a Request for Proposals for
implementation specifications for simple geometry.  Responses to the
Catalog Services RFI are due December 16, 1996.

If you have questions, please call Greg Buehler (812-829-2248) or send
email to techdesk at Please forward this notice to others who may
be interested.

About OGC

OGC, a consortium of more than eighty corporations, government agencies,
non-governmental organizations, and universities, coordinates collaborative
development of open geoprocessing software technologies and helps
organizations work together to develop business approaches related to this
new technology. OGC's goal is to create common interfaces that integrate
geographic information systems (GIS), Earth imaging, digital cartography,
facilities management, navigation, surveying, and other spatial
technologies so that users will have unimpeded network-based access to
heterogeneous geodata and geoprocessing resources.  OGC's efforts ensure
that geographic information of all kinds will be an important and fully
integrated part of the emerging national and global information
infrastructures, serving a wide range of human needs.

OpenGIS is a trademark of the Open GIS Consortium, Inc.

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