Reclass problem

Michael Hanratty hanra001 at
Tue Apr 1 11:52:57 EST 1997

Fellow GRASS user,

I have the following raster file that I'd like to reclassify.

Mapset <washita> in Location <utm14>
GRASS 4.1 > r.cats map=lulc
Reading lulc in washita ... 100%
0       no data
11      urbn
12      urbn
13      urbn
14      urbn
16      urbn
17      urbn
21      past:swht:hay
24      agrl
31      rnge
32      rngb
33      rnge
41      frsd
43      frst
53      watr

What I would like to do is to split the areas with category 21 (past:swht:hay) 
into three categories of equal area.  For example, if category 21 covers 30, I'd like to divide that area in any manner that is convenient so that I 
have 10 of area with category past, 10 of area with category swht, 
and 10 of area with category hay.  

Does anyone have a suggestion for how to do this?  I'd like a procedure that I 
can automate so that I can apply it to a number of masked regions within a 
raster layer.


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