permission on mapset

Pat Luther pluther at
Mon Apr 7 10:06:32 EDT 1997

This has to do with UNIX file permissions, and you can change it if
you want.  The owner of the mapset/directory is the only person with
write permission to the mapset.  The owner can give write permissions
to others through the UNIX command chmod and then they can create or
change files.

the syntax of the command is:
chmod a+w mapsetname

This allows anyone to write to the mapset, so be sure you want them to
be able to -


At 12:05 PM 4/7/97 +0200, you wrote:
>I am sorry,
>but i don't understand WHY ONLY THE OWNER of a mapset can create o
>modify maps in it ?
>Could anyone tell me something about it?
>Thanks in advance.
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