GRASS under AIX4.1

Schmidt avenues at
Thu Apr 10 09:30:53 EDT 1997

I am trying to get GRASS running under AIX4.1. I have tried the binaries for
AIX3.2 from Dave Mandel, but could not the graphics display working. When I
executed d.mon x0, I got the message:

Graphics driver [x0] is already running.
ERROR - eof from graphics monitor.

I downloaded the GRASS4.1.5 source from and tried
compiling. Most routines seemed to compile (notable exceptions: r.mapcalc,
v.digit, r.combine,v.proj, i.rectify2) but I am getting the same error when
I try to start a graphics monitor.

Has anyone compiled GRASS under AIX 4.1?  Can you give me some hints as to
what might be wrong? The problem seems to be related to the fifo's, but I
have checked these files and the monitorcap file and both seem to be set up

Jim Schmidt
GIS Instructor
Columbia College
Sonora, CA.

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