GRASS on Origin 2000

Chuck Ehlschlaeger chuck at
Sun Apr 13 09:45:52 EDT 1997

Dear Alejandro,

> Has someone succesfully ported GRASS to a Silicon Graphics
> ORIGIN 2000 and if so, what are the switches for the compiler
> to include in the head file.
> Our ORIGIN 2000 has 10 RS10,000 processors, 1.25GBytes of RAM and
> runs IRIX 6.4 OS
> I suppose the first step is to port it for one processor and then try
> with multi-threads. I want to port the modules that take a lot of time to run
> on workstations like r.watershed,,,

Being the original designer/author of r.watershed and
algorithms (with experience helping someone multi-thread my code), I can
safely say that can be made faster using multiple
processors. Unfortunately, r.watershed's A* algorithm doesn't
multi-thread well: The time consuming parts must be done one cell at a
time, sequentially.

Based on what I know about and, they should be

Good luck, chuck

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