Nagao( i.e. Long Tail ) nagao at warp.or.jp
Thu Apr 17 12:21:54 EDT 1997


Is there any GRASS PC version
which can be executed entirely as MS-DOS commands?

Or else, has anybody tried to make it?

Although I have GRASSLAND for windows 95/NT, 
GUI seems to be indispensable for it.

If there were such a set of GRASS DOS commands,
It would be possible to call them from windows application, or from CGI
on Windows NT server.

In addition GRASSLAND's source code is not available,

One of the reasons GRASS is unpopular in Japan is that Japanese language
cannot be entered.  I would like to rebuild DOS GRASS commands, if any,
with japanese-enabled library.
Yoshiro Nagao	
International Centre for Medical Research
Kobe Univ.

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