who has s.surf.2d.linux?

Bill Hargrove hnw at mtqgrass.ESD.ORNL.GOV
Tue Aug 19 17:21:09 EDT 1997


Has anyone got a copy of the s.surf.2D.linux file referred to in the
message below?

I'd like to get a copy, but it doesn't appear to be on moon anymore ...

                               Bill H.

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>> Hello,
>> I put s.surf.2d.linux in incoming directory 2 days ago. I wonder
>> why the file did not appear in outgoing directory. According
>> to the on screen message in incoming the content of upload incoming
>> directory should be moved to the outgoing on a daily basis.
>> Can someone explain this?
>> Jaro
>I put the s.surf.2d.linux file in ../outgoing/Sites this morning.
>Sorry that it didn't get put into this directory earlier.  I have not
>implemented an automatic job to do this yet.  Perhaps it is time.
>Paul Loechl                                     loechl at diego.cecer.army.mil
>USACERL                                         (217)373-4519

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