Trimble Pathfinder to GRASS

Shawn Francis aem at
Tue Aug 19 21:49:10 EDT 1997


>        How do I get the data into GRASS?  I've finally managed to get
>        point data in as sites by using to import it in ASCII
>        format from Trimble's Pathfinder software.
>        The Trimble software has also generated for line and area
>        features what it calls ASCII exports for GRASS, but I'm at a
>        loss for how to import them.
>        I can create maps in my mapset, but how do I make them
>        permanent?

        We also use a Trimble GPS in our work, except lately we have been
using it to identify porcupine feeding damage locations!  A slight different
from your application.  The Pathfinder Pro Software will directly export an
ascii vector file in GRASS format.  In GRASS, just simple use the
command and you are away.  It is that easy.  Happy plotting.

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