Exporting Dxf

roland muench rmonde at ozemail.com.au
Sun Aug 31 19:23:18 EDT 1997

Try this:
 sort +3n -4 in_file > in_file.sort
 join -j1 4 -j2 1 -o 1.1 .1.2 1.3 2.1 in_file.sort file2 > file.join

#in_file is a dig_att file that must be sorted for join to work
#file.join will be th new dig_att file to trick GRASS into providing
dxf files with actural polygon labels . Rename corresponding GRASS
files to match file.join

from (Tom D'Avello)


From: 	Adalberto da Silva[SMTP:adalbert at iag.usp.br]
Sent: 	Saturday, 30 August 1997 13:37
To: 	grassu at cecer.army.mil
Subject: 	Exporting Dxf

I'm trying to export a contour map from Grass to Autocad.

	I made a contour map with r.contour, transformed the binary vector to
ascii and export to dxf with v.out.dxf. Everything works well but the
resulting polylines have elevation set to zero.

	Is there any procedure to obtain a dxf file with contoured polylines
*and* their associated values of elevation?


	Adalberto da Silva
	Instituto Astronomico e Geofisico - USP
	Sao Paulo - Brazil
	adalbert at iag.usp.br

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