Clifton Wood cbwood at vt.edu
Mon Dec 1 16:23:06 EST 1997

Hello all!

I have a fairly large vector file containing field boundaries in a
specific county. I am currently trying to convert this vector
file to a raster using v.to.rast. I do the following:

g.region vect=flds.vector res=1
v.to.rast input=flds.vector output=flds.vector.out

After conversion, however, the resulting raster file is *mostly*
empty. With only certain fields in color (and the rest white).
I've *checked* the attributes file of the vector map and it
contains some 902 entries, but when I do a v.stats on my fields
layer, I get:

| Format: Version 4.0  (Level 2 access)  (Portable)
| Number of Lines:  2775
| Number of Nodes:  1865
| Number of Areas:   916   (incomplete)
| Number of Isles:    23   (incomplete)
| Number of Atts :   896

I've tried running v.support, but I can't seem to get that
"(incomplete)" notice
to go away. Does anyone have any idea as to what my problem is and
or not it can be fixed so I can finally get this vector map in raster

*Any* help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Take care.
Clifton B. Wood
Programmer/Analyst for Virginia Tech's AGNIS Department
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