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Bill Brown brown at
Tue Dec 16 10:40:30 EST 1997


According to the manual page for r.out.mpeg:
     This program requires the program mpeg_encode :

                     MPEG-1 Video Software Encoder
                     (Version 1.3; March 14, 1994)

     Lawrence A. Rowe, Kevin Gong, Ketan Patel, and Dan Wallach
     Computer Science Division-EECS, Univ. of Calif. at Berkeley
     Available by anonymous ftp from: s2k-ftp.CS.Berkeley.EDU

     Use of the -c flag also requires the program r.out.ppm with
     the stdout option, which is available by anonymous ftp from:

I found mpeg_encode at:

I didn't see a Linux binary, but there is a link to source.  The
current version is 1.5, but I think it will still work the same.  

- Bill
brown at

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