r.le under GRASS 4.2

William L. Baker BakerWL at UWYO.EDU
Sat Dec 27 12:30:09 EST 1997

Thanks to Baylor University folks for releasing
GRASS 4.2, which required a significant effort!

GRASS 4.2 contains the source code for the r.le
programs in src.alpha/raster, but this is not the
most recent release, which is version 2.2 beta.
The GRASS 4.2 release contains version 2.1.

The r.le programs are a set of programs for analyzing
landscape ecology measures, such as size of patches,
shape of patches, fractal dimension etc., but also 
include measures of landscape texture, diversity etc.
useful in remote sensing.  

To obtain and install the version 2.2 beta release,
first remove the version 2.1 release.  To do so,
go to directory (GISBASE)/etc/alpha/cmd and
remove the r.le executables (e.g., use the rm 
command).  Then, go to (GISBASE)/bin and
remove the links to these executables.  There's
one for each of the r.le programs.  Then go to
(GISBASE)/src.alpha/raster and remove the r.le
directory and its files.

To download the rle22sol.tar.Z file containing the 
source code and installation instructions for version
2.2 beta, please go to my web site:


then click on Faculty, then William L. Baker and follow
the directions there for obtaining the file, documentation
etc.  The source code is in rle22sol.tar.Z, a compressed
tar file.

The version 2.2 beta release includes numerous bug
fixes, the addition of circular sampling units as an
option, and a few other minor enhancements.  This
release works under Solaris 2.5.1 as well as SunOS
4.1.3, but has not been compiled under other UNIX
operating systems or Linux.  I have not found any
problems with using version 2.2 beta under GRASS

I would appreciate hearing if there are problems under 
other operating systems. Of course, since this is a beta 
release, I expect some problems, bugs, etc.  Please 
send information about problems to me by e-mail.

William L. Baker
Department of Geography & Recreation
University of Wyoming
Laramie, WY 82071

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