Cant execute d.mon

Anna Edwards aedwards at
Thu Jan 2 16:18:47 EST 1997

I am a student at the Univ. of GA and am trying to use Grass and Grassland.  We
have installed grass4.13 for the SUN Platform on our system which uses Solaris 
2.5.  When I try to invoke the command (d.mon start=x0)  I receive the error 
message Sorry, </dev/x0.a> not available
	Have grass administrator check etc/monitorcap file
	can't stat /dev/x0.a
	Problem selecting x0.  Will try once more
	Can't stat /dev/x0.a
When the program was installed it did not place any x*.a or x*.b files in the 
/dev directory.  The person installing did install as root.  We are wondering
if there are some special installation procedures for the Solaris operating 
system.  Am I having difficulty with d.mon because grassland for Slolaris
2.5 has been installed??  Will I still have display capabilities with Grassland
even though I can not display in grass4.1?? 

What is the purpose of the x*.a and x*.b files, are they simply linking files?

Please Help!!

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