importing ARC/INFO export format and STDS format

Philip Verhagen philip at
Fri Jan 17 05:30:34 EST 1997

> Hello,
> I am trying to bring in a point coverage database into GRASS. The database
> comes in two formats: ARC/INFO export format and STDS format. I don't have
> access to ARC/INFO. Are there free utilities to ungenerate this database?
> Or, does anyone know what the STDS format is? Or better yet, how do I
> import STDS format into GRASS?
> Thanks for your help!
> Henry Shin

Don't know about the STDS format, but you can forget about the export format,
as there are no conversion tools available. I suggest you try to find
someone who has Arc/Info to convert it to ungenerated format (if you can't
find someone, send me an email and I'll I see if I can help you out).

Philip Verhagen


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