GRASS-Linux binaries on CD-ROM

kang at kang at
Thu Jan 23 14:21:16 EST 1997

>I got this book, and like it greatly.  The CDs are also excellent,
>especially Vol2 which has binaries for numerous scientific applications.
>However, while I have not used the GRASS binaries on this CD, I don't
>recommend them to people with a serious interest in GRASS.  A. Holz's
>old a.out GRASS CD is much better ($60.00).  It includes source, binaries,
>and the standard sample GRASS data, and can be ran from hard disk
>or directly off of CD ROM.  It also have any GRASS axililary programs
>like xgrass.  Unfortunately, it is a bit dated and hard to get.

One more thought - I should not be the one to be blamed.


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