Hardware information needed

Henry Shin shin_hw at clark.net
Tue Jan 28 13:20:05 EST 1997

Hi, Cristina,

I don't think the Mystique board is supported by XFREE3.2 yet. And, I don't
think the Accelerated X supports it either. Try the Mallenium board; I know
that it is supported by both servers. I am using a ATI Graphic Pro Turbo
4mb and it works fine with XFREE3.2.

I am using NCR825 SCSI card which is inexpensive (<$100)but supported and
performs well under Linux. Check the hardware compatibility list on
http://sunsite.unc.edu/mdw/ for definitive answer.

Good Luck,


At 02:08 PM 1/28/97 +0100, you wrote:
>I'm buying a PC to work with GRASS for Linux. These are the main PC features:
>PC Pentium Pro200
>HDD 2,1 GB
>What kind of video board is needed? Are there Linux incompatibilities with
>SVGA Matrox Mystique (4 MB)?
>And with the SCSI II controller?
>Which version of Linux is suitable to work with GRASS?
>Any suggestion is welcome!  Thank you in advance.
>Cristina Milesi
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>GIS & Remote Sensing Lab.				*
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