John Charles Welch john.welch at inteq.com
Thu Mar 6 11:24:07 EST 1997

> I'm pretty busy with a lot of things at the moment, but if any of you
> have GRASS running on a Linux box, have a digitizer, and have found
> that v.digit won't work with the digitizer, let me know, and you can
> be some of my guinea pigs in trying to get this modified v.digit to
> work.
> If any other GRASS programmers have been working on this problem, let
> me know, and we can compare notes and code, and see if we can come up
> with proper, stable patches to v.digit that accommodate GRASS on Linux.
I have a SummaSketch II and need to digitize with it.  I had tried GSMAP
8, but could not get it to work.  I D/L GSMPA9 but have to wait on the 
open file report to snail its way here from Denver.  

I will be glad to try your program or any other.  The SummaSketch is on
one machine (dos) and Linux is on another, but there are at least 2 ways
around this.

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