having problem to mv file from .tmp to cell file

WenLing wenling at swlab.aben.cornell.edu
Sun Mar 9 17:54:01 EST 1997

Dear friend,

I just installed GRASS4.1 under a personal directory in a large platform.
Anything looks fine (so far) except that I can not generate maps in the
mapset by using the command "r.mapcalc".

For example, I have a map called "DEM "in Mapset "aggregate".
Everytime I use "r.mapcalc" to calulate new maps. I always get the message
as follow:

Mapset <aggregate> in Location <tmp>
GRASS 4.1 > r.mapcalc test='DEM'

EXECUTING test = ...  100%
WARNING: closecell: can't move /usr/user0/wlk/tmp/aggregate/.tmp/tc/21306.2
         to cell file test in mapset aggregate

minimum value 1040, maximum value 1900

Mapset <aggregate> in Location <tmp>
GRASS 4.1 >

Of course, I did not get a "test" map in the mapset.

Can anyone please tell me where the problem is?  Thank you very much!


Wen-Ling Kuo (wk14 at cornell.edu)
Research Assistant, ABEN, 
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853 

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