locking mechanism on monitor

Michael Hanratty hanra001 at gold.tc.umn.edu
Tue Mar 11 16:24:49 EST 1997

In message <33258B81.1E4D at tiaer.tarleton.edu>  writes:
> Help.   I was working in grass and went to display a raster map and my
> monitor would not respond giving me the following message:
> locking mechanism failed
> lock file  <where located>.
>  That lock file was empty.  I rebooted my computer and still no response
> from x0 monitor. What happened ???  I can bring up another monitor x1
> but my x0 will not respond.

GRASS creates a file as a locking mechinism.  If the file exists, it indicates 
that the resource (monitor in this case) is in use and cannot be accessed. When 
you release the monitor using d.mon, the file should be deleted.

> Is there a way to fix this problem.  Thanks for your help .

Yes, delete the file.  If you don't have permission to delete the file, ask your
system administrator to delete it for you.

That should solve the problem.

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