Digitizer problem

Nicolas Boretos nicolasb at zorbas.maich.gr
Wed Mar 12 08:29:31 EST 1997

Dear users,
I tried Tim Martin's version of v.digit and my Linux machine had no problem on connected together with my digitizer. When I try to register points and I have to press one of the buttons of my 16 button cursor nothing happens. The cursor buttons are dead. v.digit now works? better than my first one but I still can't digitize (dead buttons). My digitizer is a Summagraphics Microgrid III board which has a Calcomp 9100 emulation (modes 1~4). At registering the v.digit seems to be hang because Esc or Ctrl-C is not working and I kill the process. I remove the Calcomp file from locks but still not working. I need help. Thanks in advance.

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