s.menu and emacs

fncesbl at bu.edu fncesbl at bu.edu
Fri Mar 14 11:21:36 EST 1997


I first want to thank those grass users who respeonded to my previous megs
about grass and Linux 1.2. They were always helpful.

I wonder if someone can help me with this new problem with my system.

I suddenly am not able to view site lists with emacs invoked from the 
s.menu option five. I could until recently. And I can open those same site
lists if I open emacs from outside the s.menu interface.

What happens is that after calling for emacs as the editor of choice in option
5, I get the emacs window with a blanck page. However, if I choose vi I can
access the file perfectly.

Does anyone now if this is a common problem?

Thank you,

Francisco Estrada Belli
Boston University
Dept. of Archaeology
Santa Rosa Archaeological Project, Guatemala

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