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Marino Vetuschi Zuccolini zucco at
Mon Mar 17 08:07:28 EST 1997

Dears Grassusers,

I'm a new GRASS for solarisOS user. I've experience on a mac version of
grass and then the transfer on this OS is a little bit thraumatic.
I've found lots of problem running grass d/loaded from moon site
(sol.4.tar.Z.* binaries).
Before ask help to you I've read the GRASSHopper archives, but lot of
questions remain.
There are questions at different level (more specific & more general),
and I try to present the necessary knowledge to try to solve them.

- d.mon: I've found some solutions on the Hoppers, but nothing function.
- d.mon -L don't presents the list of the monitor status, it seems that
after accepting the return-key GRASS is waiting, freezing the consol
until ^C.
-d. mon start=xn (n=1,2,3..) starrts the window and repeat the previous
behaviour until ^C. It loose control on these windows; d.mon sel=xn or
stop -> nothing happens.
If I try to cancel the graphic window in the CDE (solaris desktop)
environment nothing happens, is impossible also after exiting grass. It
disappear only after restart grass, d.mon sel=monitorname but the answer
is that the monitorname is already running and freeze the terminal until
	deleting the lokcs files, nothing happens
		ps -ef | grep monitorname
		kill -9 PID monitorname
								nothing happens

How can I manage the Message Queuing ?Now I've all monitors already
running but nothing is visible on my desktop!!

Until the graphic window of grass have functioned the first time I've
opened some raster files from spearfish.
- using d.where or d.what.rast only right mouse button functions
(exiting, why?

To test some grapic capabilities I've used d.3d program, well I should
have use d.3d, because after setting up the options and calculating 0%
-> 100% : SOB! segment fault message and CORE file is created.
Where I've, if yes, wrong the binary installation, or somthing else?

I see that in Solaris version of grass are present XGRASS, XGEN &
pbmplus: how can I use them?

XGRASS needs cpp (iusr/ccs/lib/cpp: not found), and if yes where can I
get, first, and put on in my machine.

I would to compile some sources, and I've gcc2.7.2 and GDB (libg++) in
bynary format (from : where I've to put those packages?
I need somthing else?

Many many thanks to all


Marino Vetuschi Zuccolini
PhD in Environmental Sc

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