Graphics monitor color problems

Mon Mar 17 11:19:28 EST 1997

Dear Grass Users,

I have recently compiled the GRASS4.1 release on my GATEWAY2000 P5-150 at 
school and my Micron P-133 at home. I
am running the most recent release of Redhat LINUX on both machines.  The
compilation process went fairly smooth; however, when I go to open a
graphics monitor, say x0, I receive the following message:

Graphics driver [x0] started
Color: can't set color 0
Color: can't set color 0

The graphics monitor does open; however, I receive a segmentation fault
when I attempt to display a raster image.  The video cards for the
respective machines are a Matrox MGA 2MB PCI video card and a Diamond
Stealth 64 Video VRAM 2MB card.

Any suggestions on how to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated.
My e-mail address at school is: beskahil at 

and at home: BESkahill at

Thank you.

Brian Skahill
University of Colorado at Denver
Civil Engineering Student

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