Images not on tape.

Angus Carr apcarr at flash.Lakeheadu.Ca
Tue Mar 18 11:08:44 EST 1997

My best success in these circumstances has always been with
Use a bitmap editor to split the file by band, and then save each one as a
single band file as a sun raster file. Graphics Workshop for Windows does
this, or the netpbm package for Unix.

Good Luck.
Angus Carr.
Masters of Forestry student

On Thu, 13 Mar 1997, Richard Nairn wrote:

> I am trying to import some spot and landsat thematic maps into grass
> but they are not on tape.  They are 24bit images that I am trying to
> deal with. Is there a way to import them without losing the quality. I
> have tried various programs but they will not import them.  The
> images are not from tape as they have been edited and can be saved
> many different formats...
> Any suggestions?

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