PhD thesis on soil modelling available

Angus Carr apcarr at flash.Lakeheadu.Ca
Tue Mar 18 11:11:47 EST 1997

I just realized that this need not be a conflict. GRASSLands seems to use
I just can't get it to run at all reliably.....


On Mon, 17 Mar 1997, Francisco Edson M. Gomes wrote:

> Martin Ameskamp wrote:
> ...
> > My first step will probably be to organize all the interfaces and
> > control files into a 'command center' interface with the help of
> > Tcl/Tk. On the other hand, since good old UNIX GRASS seems to be
> > replaced by Windows-based Grasslands, maybe I should use something
> > else? Suggestions welcome.
> Dear Martin.
> Dont Think twice.
> Grassland is the future. 
> Go ahead!
> Edson

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