Landsat Images on CD

Shawn Francis aem at
Wed Mar 19 16:02:27 EST 1997


        I have a complete landsat TM scene on CD-ROM.  The seven individual
bands are saved as 7 separate files.  What would be the best way to go about
importing this data into GRASS.  I can open the images in PCI Image Handler
(unregistered, of course) and look at them but need to do some simple
vegetation classification.

        Could I do a screen dump of each individual file and then pull them
into GRASS in that way ( of such?)

        The i.tape. suite of import commands all work from /dev/rmt0 (tape
device).  Can this problem be overcome (ie, can you specify that you want
the info from /dev/sd0 (cd-rom)).

        Any advice is appreciated, many thanks in advance.

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