Attempt at compiling the SDTS utilities

Michael Hanratty hanra001 at
Fri Mar 28 14:27:38 EST 1997

In message <199703281605.KAA03041 at>  writes:
> Ouch!
> Michael:
> I know we exchanged email sometime before and I duidn't follow through
> very well. Is there any chance you could send me an SDTS dataset you
> are having trouble with and let me try to figure out what's going on?
> (I'm not involved with GRASS anymore, really, but if I can fix this
> I'd like to try.)
> -David Stigberg

The two files I'd like to convert are at the following URL's:

It may be that there are errors in these files.  The first one I can get the 
lines and areas, but not the labels that are attached to them.  The second one 
crashes very early in the conversion process.  If you find out anything 
definitive, please let me know.

Thanks a lot.

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