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Justin Hickey jhickey at
Wed Oct 1 10:08:46 EDT 1997

Hello Stephan

Again I have seen this and again, the code is screwed up. However, I found an
easy way to get around the problem, rather than trying to find the code that
screwed up and changing it.

There should be a file called $GIS/etc/databases (if not you can create it)
which contains the information for the grass database directories. Each line in
the file is the complete path to a grass database (eg  /usr/people/grass/data).
Simply add a line with the complete path to your grass database and save the
file. Then start xgrass and the path should now appear in the database list.
Then you simply click the database you want and the available locations will
appear. Then click the location you want and the available mapsets appear.
Click the mapset you want and then click accept. The xgrass menubar should pop
up. Then immediately quit xgrass and a dialog box should appear. You can now
save your seesion with an appropriate name and quit. The next time you run
xgrass the session will appear in the session list.

It's not elegant but it beats mucking around with the code. Hope this helps.


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