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Stephan Eickschen eicksch at uni-muenster.de
Thu Oct 2 10:17:58 EDT 1997

Hi Justin,

well - that's very kind of you, being so indulgent with a novice like
me :-) More and more even the command line version makes trouble - it's
so frustrating!
I think the prolems are starting at the point, were the coordinates
which describe the mapset (I work on lat/lon) become
>   projection:   3 (Latitude-Longitude)
>   zone:         0
>   north:       70:00:0-nan0xffffffffS
>   south:       72:00:0-nan0xffffffffS
>   east:        7:00:0-nan0xffffffffW
>   west:        11:00:0-nan0xffffffffW
>   e-w res:     0:01:0-nan0xffffffff
>   n-s res:     0:00:0-nan0xffffffff
>   total rows:              288
>   total cols:              240
>   total cells:          69,120
Even editing the "WIND"-files doesn't help.... and that's the same with
Grass and XGrass.
The XGrass coredumps e.g. when I try: "Display" -> "Control Display
Monitor" -> $BOOM$ !!!
Bus Errors occure when I try to work with Site Data, which I successful-
ly imported with Grass

Do you have any experience with the SGI - binaries provided at



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