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Justin Hickey jhickey at impact1.hpcc.nectec.or.th
Fri Oct 3 04:28:53 EDT 1997

Hello Stephan

On Oct 2,  3:17pm, Stephan Eickschen wrote:
> Subject: Re: Loading a database
> Hi Justin,
> well - that's very kind of you, being so indulgent with a novice like
> me :-) More and more even the command line version makes trouble - it's
> so frustrating!

We only had a few problems with the command line interface, but since we got
xgrass running we haven't had many problems.

> I think the prolems are starting at the point, were the coordinates
> which describe the mapset (I work on lat/lon) become
> >   projection:   3 (Latitude-Longitude)
> >   zone:         0
> >   north:       70:00:0-nan0xffffffffS
> >   south:       72:00:0-nan0xffffffffS
> >   east:        7:00:0-nan0xffffffffW
> >   west:        11:00:0-nan0xffffffffW
> >
> >   e-w res:     0:01:0-nan0xffffffff
> >   n-s res:     0:00:0-nan0xffffffff
> >
> >   total rows:              288
> >   total cols:              240
> >   total cells:          69,120
> Even editing the "WIND"-files doesn't help.... and that's the same with
> Grass and XGrass.

Not too sure what's happening here.. we don't use lat/long here very often. In
fact one of my colleagues just converted a file to lat/long and this was the
first time we've used it.

> The XGrass coredumps e.g. when I try: "Display" -> "Control Display
> Monitor" -> $BOOM$ !!!

This is strange. If a dialog box doesn't even pop up then the problem is with
the xclip program. Unfortunately, we have never had this problem and I'm not
sure exactly how xclip works. Did you check all the warnings that the compiler
gave? Sometimes warnings shouldn't be ignored (even though some people seem to
think otherwise) and there may have been something that is causing the problem.
If you want, I can put a file with all the changes I made to the xgrass code
(and grass if you like) on our ftp site for your reference.

> Bus Errors occure when I try to work with Site Data, which I successful-
> ly imported with Grass
> ...andsoonandsoon...

Sorry, I can't help here.

> Do you have any experience with the SGI - binaries provided at
> moon.cecer?

No, we have always compiled the code.

I don't really understand why you are having these problems. I've only been on
the mailing list for a little over a year and I don't remember anyone reporting
these problems. Sorry I couldn't be of much help this time.


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