Converting DEMs

James Cameron cameron at
Thu Oct 9 20:58:00 EDT 1997

J. Brian Hughes wrote:
> [...] Can GRASS help me to do this?
> Has anyone out there done coordinate conversions involving these
> coordinate systems? [...]

I tried looking for relevant code in the GRASS 4.1 source but found
nothing that would perform coordinate conversions in this manner.
I ended up having to use another software product (Trimble's Pathfinder
Office) to re-export the data in the right datum.

The only programs I found in GRASS were m.ll2u and m.u2ll, but they
only converted UTM to Lat/Long or back again.

My GPS data had originally been exported as Lat/Long, but I needed it in
Australian Map Grid 93 or something, which is based on UTM.

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