Stephan Eickschen eicksch at uni-muenster.de
Tue Oct 21 13:23:18 EDT 1997


I 've got two questions (which I hope not to be to silly ;-) )


Is it possible to use r.mapcalc to calculate the minimum, maximum and /
or the average of raster layers with using UNIX wild cards ("*" in my
case) such as:

r.mapcalc max970124=max(a12*970124*)

to calculate a raster layer called max970124 of the maximum of all
raster layers matching "a12*970124".


Could anyone give me a pointer to an introduction to MAPGEN, please?
I 've found
> User's Manual for MAPGEN (UNIX version): a method of
>                 transforming digital cartographic data to a map,",
>                 G.I. Evenden, J.M. Botbol, USGS Open-File Report
> 85-706, 58p.
as a reference, but not as a PS (like some other USGS OF Reports...)




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