mapgen ???

Stephan Eickschen eicksch at
Mon Oct 27 18:34:37 EST 1997

Hi GRASSers,

Some days ago i asked the list concerning r.mapcalc and mapgen - the
answers regarding r.mapcalc were good! Thanks to Angus and Malcolm :-)
But there wasn´t any response regarding mapgen.
So - isn´t mapgen _the_ tool for generating maps from grass, especially
when (mainly) using raster data?
My situation is the following: I downloaded the binary version of
GRASS 4.1.5 for SGI, installed it and it is running proparbly. But now
I would like to create some maps. The MAPGEN isn´t part of the binary
release, so I ftp´ed, compiled and linked it, but I don´t know how to
use :-(
Isn´t there any (online) documentation? I searched the mailinglist
archive, but couldn´t find something basic enough...

Thanks in advance,



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