GIF not acceptable for conversion

David Mandel dmandel at
Thu Oct 30 23:30:17 EST 1997

On Thu, 30 Oct 1997, Lyman Barger wrote:

> Grass Users,
> I recently tried to import a GIF into GRASS using, howerer I got
> the message  "1. GIF file not acceptable for conversion". It is a good file,
> at least I have been able to display it.  
> Anybody out there have any suggestions as to what to look at or change?
> Lyman

Maybe the file is in one of the newer gif formats, and maybe GRASS can't
read these?  In any case, I might try using xv, netpbm, image alchemy, or
something else to transform the file to another format.  In fact, one may
well be able to transform your gif file into another gif file which can be
imported into GRASS.

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