Help! Database messed up

Stephan Eickschen eicksch at
Fri Oct 31 18:16:45 EST 1997

Hi GRASSers,

Sorry but I think, something worse had happened to me! I don´t know how,
but I messed up my database.
Since yesterday in the afternoon everything went well. Then I made a
mistake at the command line, that I can not describe (I clicked with the
right mouse button, something was pasted from the "clipboard", very much
happened), and afterwards **********
In detail:
I am still able to display site data - the points are at the right place
I _can´t_ display _any_ raster file - all values are set to zero. reports "no data" even the file size in /cell is 22k, the range
- file seems to be ok. If I try to reimport the data (I use mostly, the interpolation is very fast, and the rasterfile .... is
rubbish. If do the same process in a new LOCATION/MAPSET everything is
I couldn´t figuere out which files might have been changed...




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