The Future of GRASS (GRASS4.2, GRASS5.0 to be released)

David Mandel dmandel at
Fri Sep 26 23:07:26 EDT 1997

I have not posted to the GRASS lists for a long time, so today I
will post three times to make up for it.

As you all know, GRASS is a very flexible well designed GIS and it
is one of the few freeware GIS products left.  This makes it 
extremely important to researchers, GIS developers, students, and
anyone who wants to do GIS on Linux.

CERL dropped support for GRASS a couple years ago, and no one 
was able to step in and coordinate future developments.  Users
continued to use GRASS.  Various people continued their own development
efforts.  Kind souls like Andreas Holz packaged GRASS CDs.  Still the 
the future looked bleek with no one to coordinate everyone's efforts.

BUT ALAS!!  Baylor University's GRASS Research Group has stepped forward.
See or better yet  I have talked with Cleavy McKnight
who coordinates the GRASS Research Group.  Their resources are modest, 
but Baylor is behind them and they are dedicated to the cause.  I 
sincerely hope the entire GRASS community gives them the support they

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