New tcltkgrass V.1.1 available

Rich Shepard rshepard at
Thu Apr 2 12:46:08 EST 1998

At 12:31 PM 4/2/98 +0100, you wrote:

>today I have uploaded the first release of new 
>TclTkGRASS V.1.1 to the GRASS 4.2.1 site:

  Thank you. I'm installing Linux today (Red Hat 5.0) specifically because
we want to use GRASS rather than MapInfo.

  I have a large number of map coordinate system specifications (from my
DOS version of  Idrisi) which could be of use in projection conversion
functions within GRASS. Let me know if you'd like copies.

  We want to become proficient with GRASS as applied to environmental
issues affecting the mining industry. This means hydrologic modeling,
erosion potential calculations and other aspects of biology, ecology and
hydrology. We want to integrate XploRe (the statistics language) with GRASS
for spatial modeling and analyses. So, if we can help in the continued
development and expanded user base of GRASS, please let us know. We'll do
what we can to keep this system alive and growing.

Thanks again,


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