importing TIFF into GRASS

George Chou gchou at
Wed Apr 8 15:04:56 EDT 1998

If you have access to Solaris 2.x, try to open the TIFF file using
"imagetool", save it as a new TIFF file with no compression, then use  I guess there may be some tags in your TIFF files that cannot
be recognized by  Good luck!

George Chou
GPZ Technology
(650) 949-3708

> From: Antonio Rodriguez Verdugo <rod.chav at>
> To: grass at
> Subject: importing TIFF into GRASS
> Date: Monday, March 30, 1998 4:02 AM
> Dear Grass-Users,
> I have a MUSE raster file that I converted into TIFF file. When I try to
> import it in Grass 4.1.5 using, I got the following error
> only handle 1-channel gray scale or 3-channel color
> I've tried to change the color dispaly using XV, and saving the file in
> grayscale. But it doesn't works.
> Does anybody knows the answer?
> Antonio Rodríguez V.
> Sevilla, Spain

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