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Filippidis Vangelis efilippi at
Wed Apr 22 10:58:02 EDT 1998

Hi GRASS community,
   I have an txt file (i export it from MapInfo)
with the X and Y coordinates of some contours.
It has the following format :

x y
x y
x y

How i can import it to GRASS in BINARY format
so i can edit it from v.digit ?

I have Slakware Linux 3.0.4 with GRASS 4.2.1 V.13 
(Great Job Markus... :) )

Thank you in advance,
                            Filippidis Evangelos
                        Forester, Ph.D Candidate 
 Sector of Planning & Natural Resource Development
      Department of Forestry & Natural Environment
               School of Geotechnical Sciences
              Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
                      e-mail : efilippi at
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