Ascii raster -> CTDB (Modsaf)

Terry Duell duell at
Thu Apr 23 17:26:21 EDT 1998

Conn Copas wrote:
> Anyone using the Modsaf simulation out there? I want to get some terrain data
> into it, but it insists upon the slightly obscure CTDB format. My source data
> is ascii raster. I am aware of the Multigen package, but am trying to avoid the
> expense. So, it would be absolutely wonderful if someone is willing to share
> an ascii/DTED/DMA/etc -> CTDB converter. Failing that, I could use the
> specs of the CTDB file format. Thanks in advance.
Where in DSTO are you?
DSTO have at least two licenses for Multigen that I am aware of, one at LOD and
the other at AOD. We have been dealing with Anthony Perry (works with Duncan
Craig) re supporting DSTO with data for Modsaf and have provided Multigen Post
file format data from our DEM data. There hasn't been any real communication
from Anthony that there are any significant problems with what they are doing.
It sounds a bit like the left hand not knowing what the right is doing!
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