installing AND running Linux GRASS

Steve Watts watts.67 at
Sat Apr 25 17:13:32 EDT 1998

At 11:51 PM 4/25/98 +0300, Kari Salovaara wrote:
>I have been running Grass in Linux system 2-3 years aöready and I haven't got
>any problems running it. Those instructions from pages
>work very well both for source code and compiled versions. 
>Of course You have to read this information. ;-)


Thankyou for your response.  Unfortunately, I have already spent a number
of hours looking at the web sites you have listed, and as fas as I can
tell, they don't say to do anything differently than I have already done
when installing GRASS on Linux.  Obviously, I am doing something wrong, and
somebody with a good UNIX/Linux background would probably laugh at whatever
it is I'm doing wrong.  But, following what I understand to be the
instructions on the web sites is not working for me.



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