vector in

Rainer Trusch trusr000 at
Sat Dec 5 10:08:18 EST 1998

Hello everybody,

I have a problem about a vector map using it with I digitized a map with
v.digit as an area map. Everything worked fine like labeling, changing into
a raster map, etc. Now I want to integrate it into a plot with After
creating the map just a few arcs were shown. I used the "hcolor=black" option.
Using a table of "color 1-10" brought the same result, where "color 1" was used
for the few arcs. The result looks a bit like the arcs from my first digitizing
session, because I did the job in several ones, but  I can´t remember doing
anything different. How can I localize the error and change it?

Thanks in advance,


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